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Welcome to San Diego Appliance Repair we are locally established company specializing on San Diego Disposal Repair. We have a total solution for all San Diego disposal repair needs. San Diego Appliance Repair has more to offer than most local contractors.

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You can always check our easy to repair disposal tips or let us take care of all your disposal needs.

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Easy to Repair Tips

If the unit jams/hums...

  • Turn the unit off. After turning the unit off, remove anything that has fallen into the grinding chamber.
  • Turn the unit off. After turning the disposal off, insert an "unjamming" tool into the bottom and turn clockwise. Once the tool turns freely, remove whatever was causing the jam.

If the unit is dead

Press the red reset button located on the bottom of the disposal ? if the machine begins to hum and the reset trips again, it is still jammed. Repeat step #2 and #3. Click here if you like to read more

Tech Tip ? always use cold water when operating the unit and run the water a few minutes before and after as well as during use. The unit works by grinding the garbage into a "puree" and water acts as a lubricant to move the matter through the pipes. Letting the water run before use will coat the pipes. Running water during the unit process helps liquefy the garbage, and keeping the tap flowing afterward helps "wash down". Food particles, which remain in your disposal, can cause odors. Put a combination of ice cubes and lemon peel in the unit, run it for about thirty seconds, and then run cold water through the unit. Special cleaner or degreaser may help too. Because a unit chops large amounts of waste an occasional clog is bound to occur. Don't use chemicals to break up a clog. If the solution doesn't work you will have a pipe filled with caustic chemicals. This could deteriorate the integrity of the pipe and make for a huge mess down the road. Check out similar info

For all other issues please call 24/7 at 800 434-7282 or simply click here to schedule your Appointment Online.


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